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Car insurance can be a truly complicated beast to manage, as every accident comes with its own set of circumstances. Some people might see an accident one way, while others see the same situation in a completely different light. When it comes to filing an auto insurance claim, you're attempting to include countless details on a single form. READ MORE >>

If you are a single parent, you probably have to put a lot of thought into your financial security. That's why, when it comes time to insure your teen driver, you might wonder about what is the most cost-effective way to do so? Should you add your teen to a multi-car policy? Or, should you get them their own coverage? READ MORE >>

Everyone likes being able to save on their car insurance. If you are a teen driver, then you probably understand exactly how important it is to manage all parts of your spending. Whether you pay for your own car insurance, or are part of your family's insurance plan, your coverage is going to cost you. READ MORE >>

If you are a Florida driver, you have to carry car insurance. However, the mandatory liability insurance limits set by the state will not necessarily provide you with enough coverage. By getting more coverage, you'll do yourself a favor. So, what benefits can increased liability insurance provide? READ MORE >>

If you are negligent in operating your car, you could cause an accident. Therefore, the other driver might have a right to claim their own damage on your policy. Still, when accidents happen, it isn't always easy to determine whose policy will cover the costs. What if the crash involves three cars, for example? READ MORE >>

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