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For Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach & Areas Across South Florida

All Florida homes need homeowners insurance. Whether it's your first home, your dream home or your vacation home, you'll want to protect the structure, your possessions and yourself on the property. For help getting covered, call Automatic Insurance at (954) 421-9953 or request a quote now!

The Properties We Can Cover

Automatic Insurance knows that properties differ, and homeowners insurance needs to holistically address a home's unique qualities. We can cover numerous properties, including:

  • Single-family homes
  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Manufactured homes
  • Vacation homes
  • Rental properties (Landlord coverage)
  • Renters insurance (Tenant coverage)

Flood And Windstorm Insurance For Florida Homeowners

Given South Florida's hurricane threat, we understand how concerned you might be about the potential for wind or water damage in the home. We'll help you get the right balance of coverage.

Florida law requires homeowners insurance to cover wind damage from storms that have been officially declared as hurricanes. However, policies will not cover water damage from weather-related flooding, such as storm surge or flash floods. To get this coverage, you will likely need flood insurance.

Questions About Your Policy Costs? We've Got Answers

How does homeowners insurance work?

Homeowners insurance protects your financial investment in your household and property liabilities. In simple terms, if a problem happens that damages your house or harms someone else, your homeowners insurance can fund the recovery costs. With such help, you can return the home to its prime condition.

When do you need homeowners insurance?

Your primary reason to buy homeowners insurance is to protect your bank account from costly damage costs that might impact your house or other assets. Consider some of the accidents that might occur:

  • A severe windstorm, hail or a fire might damage the home's structure
  • Someone might break into your home, cause property damage and steal belongings
  • A car might collide with the house
  • Pipes might burst and flood the home
  • Your neighbor might get hurt on your property, and then sue you to cover their medical costs

If you have the right homeowners coverage, you can file against your policy for compensation for such losses. Therefore, you can feel secure knowing that your wallet will have help in case problems arise.

Do I have to buy a policy?

Your mortgage lender might require you to buy homeowners insurance. Speak to your lender about their exact requirements. Still, never forget that you can benefit from having homeowners coverage even if no requirement exists.

What coverage can my policy offer?

Homeowners policies typically can include numerous types of coverage, such as:

  • Dwelling: This coverage will pay for damage to for your house and certain attached furnishings.
  • Other Structures: This coverage extends to other buildings, such as sheds or fences.
  • Possessions: This coverage pays for damage to your belongings, like clothes, furniture or electronics.
  • Liability: This coverage pays for injuries or property damage to others caused by your negligence.
  • High-Value Items: Buy a scheduled item rider to extend specific coverage to expensive items.
  • Loss of Use: This coverage pays if you have to live outside a damaged home until it gets repaired.
  • Pet Liability: If your pet harms someone else, this coverage pays for their losses.

Your Automatic Insurance agent can help you augment and increase your coverage in the right ways. With our help, your policy will always apply specifically to your home and its unique assets and liabilities.

Which home insurance is cheapest?

Homeowners insurance premiums vary. The value of your property, your location, credit score and desired coverage might all impact your price. Always buy the right coverage, rather than taking a simpler policy just because it might be cheaper. We can help you compare policies from different companies, to find the one that offers you the best cost options for your desired coverage.

What is the average cost of homeowners insurance?

In Deerfield Beach, your average homeowners policy will cost about $1,000 - $1,300 per year. Often, you can pay your premium on a monthly basis, however.

What home insurance deductible is best?

You must pay a deductible for most home damage. Only after you pay this cost will your insurer cover the remaining claim cost. Always choose a deductible that you can afford to pay out of pocket.

Get Covered With Us!

At Automatic Insurance, we will always help you meet your homeowners insurance requirements, while still keeping your policy affordable. Call us at (954) 421-9953 or request a quote right now.

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